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Continuing Stories



1. Nothing But You-NC-17 Post Chosen and post Origin Angelus is back and aiming for Buffy.  It's up to Spike to protect her. 


2. Rush Into Darkness-R Post Chosen.  Sunnydale had returned.  What will Buffy do about it? 


Other Couples

(including Spike and Buffy with other people)



1. Children of the Night-Not yet rated. Gunn/Buffy  Alternative Universe.  Takes place after season 2.  Buffy runs to LA and meets up with Gunn and his crew.  Can he help heal her broken heart? 


2. Love Unexpected-Not Yet rated. Spillow.  Post Chosen.  Buffy's  dead and Willow is in charge of something precious of hers and  Spikes.  Angelus resurrects Spike, still a vampire but fully souled.  Can he and Willow soothe each other's grief while protecting the one thing that Spike cherises most? 

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