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Buffy Recommendations


This page consists of all the Fanfic sites and stories that Iíve read and find exceptionally good.I hope you enjoy.Most of them are Spuffy fanfiction.There may be a few that arenít.Happy Reading!



Dancing Lessons- This site not only contains one of the most intriguing Buffy trilogies but other wonderful stories.


Things of Beauty-Beautiful alternate season 7 fanfic


All About Spike ĖGreat fanfiction about Spike with Some are Spuffy stories


Dark Dreams- Spuffy fanfiction during numerous seasons and some crossovers


Loveís Last Glimpse- Some of the first Spuffy Fanfiction Iíve ever read.Shehas a wonderful talent.


Beyond the End- Want to read stories about what happened after the end of Buffy?Check this site out.You can find plenty of post-chosen stories here.My favorite story is Fortune Favors the Brave, a crossover between Buffy and Angel.I highly recommend it.


What is Choice-This is a great post-chosen/au story.


Bloody Awful Poet Society-wonderful Spuffy fanfiction is to be foundhere.


Divagations-Another one of the first Spuffy fanfiction sites I frequent.She has a great talent.So far my favorite story is Baby Steps.

Thereís more sites I visit, but the above is sites are what I think are the very best so far.Iíll post more soon.Happy readingJ


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